Hi, my name is Shaz.

Let me tell you my story. Right out of university with a computing degree, I became a software developer at a startup. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to immediately push a few pages into production by the end of the first week. It was everything I ever wanted - be part of a startup, be part of building an awesome product and practising my programming skills so that one day I get to build my own startup.

However, I quickly found myself feeling unhappy as the days went by. It took me quite awhile to realise the reason I became unhappy at my first job was simply a lack of culture-fit. There was the hidden expectation that I was to spend longer hours at work and that it wasn't about work output. I recall proposing coming to work at 7am to prolong my working hours. This may sound silly but I was to only spend lunch time with the engineering department and not anyone else. I just couldn't fit into the company culture.

This gave me enough motivation to start WorkPerk. There's a reason why culture is so important. One has to feel happy in order to produce the best work. The goal is to showcase each company's values, cultures and perks.

This is a continuous work in progress so if there's anything I am doing wrong or could do better, let me know right away. If you're in Singapore and would love a cup of coffee (or tea, or bandung) with me, I'd be down for that too.


At WorkPerk, we make it easier for you to compare perks and cultural values across different companies so that you can find the right company to work at.

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